CMR Dynamic Lighting Controller

The Dynamic Lighting Controller (DLC) is an add-on for next year’s Formula SAE racecar built by Carnegie Mellon Racing (CMR). You can find out more about their car here.

The DLC is currently in early design, and will likely change before fab. It currently features an Atmel AVR32UC3 microcontroller, but that line is discontinued, so the next revision will use either a TI Hercules processor or an ST automotive processor. The goal is to provide hookups and dynamic lighting configuration to the various lighting fixtures of the racecar, including brake lights, hazard lights, under glow, tractive trunk lighting, and anything else that needs dynamic LED strips. Currently it is designed to use dotstar LEDs, which are controlled via SPI, so they are easy to control from a 32 bit MCU, as opposed to the more popular neopixels. It also features a larger 10A power supply and a fuse to control these LEDs.