Leap @ CMU Projects

This page includes various projects that my students or I have made at Leap@CMU.

Summer 2014:

Air hockey robot:


This was a project I did with two other team members, Karan Bokil and Ansuman Das. The system relied on a stepper motor and a belt for mobility and a camera to detect the puck. Unfortunately, camera lag and issues with driving the steppers at high speed caused this project to not work very well. It would often skip steps, and the camera had a lot of trouble tracking the puck so we had to do away with predictive algorithms.


This summer I TA’d for the robotics track, and helped three groups of students greatly to make their projects. Here is what they did:

Tic Tac Toe Robot:

tic tac toe

This robot was built by Jasmine Lee, Rhea Kudtarker, Jacob Lokay, and Anotonio Garcia-Smith.
It relied on an array of photosensors to detect the O’s, and had an algorithm that could win in every game unless the player started in the center, in which case it might tie.

Laser Harp

laser harp
Jacob playing the laser harp:

This project was built by Eric Zhang and Raj Thimmiah, with heavy help from the other TA Rohan and I. It used an arduino to detect the broken beams and plays the note over midi. We used a MicroKorg to play tones from it.

Kinect Turret

Another group made a kinect based Nerf turret, but I didn’t really have much of a role in their project and unfortunately don’t have any pictures or video.