Minesweeper AI

This is a java minesweeper ai, which can play the windows 10 variant of minesweeper: minesweeperX available here. Unfortunately, because the AI relies on using screenshots and having constant window border sizes, it will only work on win10 computers.

Here is a preview showing how it works:

The current high scores as of 3/6/2016 are:
high scores

Here is a short video of the best expert run:

The java AI has a few basic stages:
-start guessing squares until it can “seed” itself and actually have some options. ie start on a blank, not numbered tile.
-continue running iterations
-once no moves can be made, guess moves then keep iterating.

Each iteration is broken up like this:
-examine each tile and determine if it is a known bomb or flag
-dig all tiles that are known to be empty
(digging and flagging is done with mouse operations)
-attempt to iterate again.
-if moves were available, continue to the next iteration.
-if there were no available moves, take a cropped screenshot and analyze the tiles to update the field, then repeat.