Hagrid’s Wild Ride (Full-Body Haptic VR!)

This was a project I built for CMU’s one-week hackathon Build18. We implemented quidditch in VR using a novel spring-based haptic rig that does not rely on expensive actuators. Project writeup and demo video to come soon! This project won the Faculty and Staff Choice Award as well as the Builder’s Choice Award at Carnegie Mellon University’s Build18 Hackathon in January 2018!

Short video featuring some early demo clips from the first version of the game:

Some additional info here: http://www.build18.org/garage/project/256/

Hagrid’s Wild Ride was an experiment in creating a low-cost, fully passive haptic feedback system for virtual reality environments. In our case, we created a haptic “broom” that served as the input for a virtual reality Harry Potter Quidditch flight simulator. My responsibilities included:

  • Hardware design and fabrication lead (Solidworks CAD + machining)
  • Procedural map generation (Unity + MapMagic plugin)
  • Game mode creation (Quidditch + Dragon Fighting)

Other team members created the orientation input electronics, Unity Engine asset creation, and Unity Engine scene creation.

In the meantime, here are some photos:
Alvin on it
Close up of the base