You are invited to listen

Technical: Tom Scherlis, Sam Zeloof. Design: Patricia Yu, Audio: Eli Wirth-Apley, Wearable: Juhi Dhanesha

You are invited to listen” is an acoustic experience designed to promote focused listening through the use of a spatial sound system. We used an array of 8 studio loudspeakers in conjunction with a motion capture system, to create a soundscape that reacts to the visitor’s motion within the space. The sonic landscape invites the listener to reflect on the evolving auditory experiences, and commit themselves to focusing on specific elements of the acoustic scene.

The experience takes around 5 minutes, and involves an evolving soundscape played over the 8 speakers. As you approach a speaker, the sound will “come into focus” and the other speakers will become silent. We call this combination of spatial audio with user tracking “hyperspatial audio.”

This slideshow features the sounds from the installation: