Tartan AUV

Most of my time in Spring 2019 has been spent working on Tartan AUV: CMU’s first robosub team. As one of the founders of Tartan AUV (TAUV), I’ve spent a significant amount of time on logistics, fundraising, and system design in order to get the team up and running. We’ve managed to raise over 10k in funding this year and build up a small team of dedicated individuals, so we plan on competing for the first time in August 2019. I’m in charge of Electronics and Firmware, and most of my responsibility right now is designing/manufacturing the necessary electronics to compete. Going forward, I hope to focus more on firmware/software development once our electronics system is fleshed out. We hope to be one of the first teams with fully functional inter-vehicle communication by the 2021 competition year!

Check out tartanauv.com for up-to-date information and official team information!